SA veterans launching clothing brand to celebrate diversity

Triple Nikel



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While Veterans Day is always a special day for retired Green Beret Rubén Ayala, this year it also marks the launch of the San Antonian’s diversity-inspired veterans apparel company, Triple Nikel. 

Tired of the same gun-slinging, violence-promoting clothing marketed to American veterans, Ayala gathered a team of three other minority vets to co-found Triple Nikel, a clothing business aiming to tell minority veterans’ stories and to rebrand what “looking like a veteran” means.

“We’re not all just the typical white guy with a beard and tattoos. That’s not how veterans look as a whole,” said Triple Nikel co-founder Chris McPhee. “Just like all us Black guys don’t look like the dude with dreadlocks and his pants sagging. When people hear ‘veteran,’ we want them to know that they can be anybody sitting next to you or in front of you.”

Ayala, who also owns San Antonio Healthy Vending, said he and his co-founders decided to create the brand just a little over three months ago and have been working quickly with the plan of launching it specifically on Veterans Day. Apparel will include T-shirts, hats, and hoodies, Ayala said. Read the full article.