SA veterans launching clothing brand aimed at honoring diversity among service members

While Veterans Day is always a special day for retired Green Beret Rubén Ayala, this year it also marks the launch of the San Antonian’s diversity-inspired veterans apparel company, Triple Nikel.

Tired of the same gun-slinging, violence-promoting clothing marketed to American veterans, Ayala gathered a team of three other minority vets to co-found Triple Nikel, a clothing business aiming to tell minority veterans’ stories and to rebrand what “looking like a veteran” means. Read More...


WATM Veteran Owned Business, Triple Nikel, Pays Homage To Roots 

The military is known for its diversity among service members. But veteran-branded apparel doesn’t typically reflect that. Introducing Triple Nikel.

Ruben Ayala is a retired Green Beret and owner of San Antonio Healthy Vending in Texas. He had long felt veterans who looked like him weren’t really seen for their service. As he watched the violence and racial divisiveness overtaking the country in the wake of police-involved shootings against Black Americans and watched the outrage over athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, Ayala felt called to do something. He felt compelled to change the narrative of people of color and who they are. Read More...


FOX SAN ANTONIO - Military Vets Create More Diverse Line of Apparel 

Our story begins with four friends.

A uniform that didn’t care if you were white, black or brown. It didn’t care about your religion or who you voted for.

“We all joined the military. We were put in the position where we were forced to learn to get along with somebody that didn’t look like us, that didn’t share the same values and belief. And we had to in order to get the job done," said Riggs.

But back home, they said it wasn’t so easy to find clothes that represented that diverse group of people. Read More...


KENS 5 - Veterans Promote Diversity Through New Clothing Brand

San Antonian Ruben Ayala served 13 years in Army Special Forces and is now the founder and CEO of Triple Nikel. There are 3 other co-founders of the company including Curtez Riggs, who served 20 years in the Army. 

Ayala and Riggs sat down with KENS 5 to talk about their new clothing brand. Ayala shared that he initially, got the idea after witnessing the unrest that erupted over the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Read More...