Our Story

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, the idea for Triple Nikel was sparked. We created an idea based off four simple concepts: Legacy, Community, Music and Love.

Smokejumpers with the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment prepare for Airborne training exercise on the west coast of the U.S.A. circa - 1944

The Name

The name Triple Nikel is derived from the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment that was stood up in 1943 during segregation. Known as the "Triple Nickels", their mission was to neutralize forest fires through airborne insertions.

Parachutes fall from the sky in front of a cloud as a plane flies behind them.

Our Legacy

Each of our founders started their military careers in the 82nd Airborne Division as paratroopers. It is our common ground to which we often derive experiences, motivation and content.

Triple Nikel co-founder, Curtez Riggs, displays one of the original designs during their debut event Oct 2020.

The Style

Our designs pull inspiration from the Hip Hop culture. Besides the military, a common ground between all the TN founders is Hip Hop. We believe that music is a common thread that binds all people; so that's why our collections are dedicated to music we love.

The Triple Nikel universe depicted in an awesome collage of dope people!

The Journey

Since Nov 2020, we have traveled coast to coast telling our story and meeting new people along the way. During the first 18 months of operations, we spent less than $500 on marketing; focusing on the true heroes of this story - the people!


Left: Ruben "Rubz" Ayala, CEO/Founder of Triple Nikel

Right: Chris "Smurf" McPhee, CMO/Co-Founder Triple Nikel

Ruben Ayala, CEO/Founder
Chris McPhee, CMO/Co-Founder
Man with American flag ballcap and Triple Nikel t-shirt smiles.
Man with American flag ballcap and Triple Nikel t-shirt smiles.

Left: Kuther "Rod" Graham, COO/Co-Founder Triple Nikel

Right: Curtez "Curt" Riggs, Business Dev/Co-Founder Triple NIkel

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