Military vets create more diverse line of clothes for veterans

Our story begins with four friends.

Ruben Ayala, Rod Graham Curtez Riggs and Chris McPhee.

Four friends with an incredible bond.

Each one a military vet, and proud to wear their uniform.

A uniform that didn’t care if you were white, black or brown. It didn’t care about your religion or who you voted for.

“We all joined the military. We were put in the position where we were forced to learn to get along with somebody that didn’t look like us, that didn’t share the same values and belief. And we had to in order to get the job done," said Riggs.

But back home, they said it wasn’t so easy to find clothes that represented that diverse group of people.

“You can’t put a veteran in a box and say all veterans don’t look like a guy with a beard an tattoos," said McPhee.

So they started their own clothing line.

“The clothing line is called Triple Nikel," said Ayala.

In their line of clothes, you’ll see messages for a more diverse group of veterans.

Clothing they say represents all veterans.

The name, Triple Nikel is derived from the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

“Which was the first all black, paratrooper company that was established in 1943," said Ayala.

They said this is more than a clothing line.

For them, it’s a new beginning that could create big changes.

“We get to tell stories of people who have not been heard from in a really long time, or if ever. And we get to tell it," said Ayala.

“We have the ability to use something very simple to spark a conversation that may ultimately change somebody’s life," said Riggs.

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