At Triple Nikel, our goal is to amplify the voices of diversity in our military community! That’s why we love our Team Gear collection. Not only does it put our name out there to create brand recognition, but it also lights a spark of interest and anticipation for the future of Triple Nikel streetwear. We strive to continually offer a fresh new take on streetwear, challenging our fellow servicemembers and veterans to Be The Trendsetter and boldly shine a light on the legacy and sacrifices made by those who’ve come before them.

    Our Team Gear lets you show you’re a part of something bigger and proud of your service, your country, your heritage, and your community. Our apparel is created with durable and comfortable materials that will last for years to come and are sure to spark conversations, opening the door to tell your story. Check out our Gear and be a part of the Triple Nikel team!